Pranava Music

Pranava plays improvisational rock and roll music, with influences of world music,classical, jazz, and rarely, country. In this respect Pranava differs from the Grateful Dead, who had a strong Country and Americana influence (interesting irony to contemplate, considering how threatened those who think of themselves strongly as Americans felt about the Grateful Dead at times).

Though the guitar playing in Pranava is very Jerry esque, with Pranava you may be more likely to hear Mozart or Debussy pop out than Merle Haggard. (Nothin' agin it though, in fact we've played on plaintive Jimmy Rodgers tributes and loved it - it's just not our passion. When we're looking to map alternative musical universes we are more likely to take a left turn at Africa or the Middle East (Country music as well, you know, just different countries)). The second album has a salsa section in Cloud On My Heart. (We gave away the suprise, but we still think you won't believe how you got there when you are in Salsa Universe - we sure don't know how.)

The first album, Prelude, sort of meanders abit. Rather like snorkeling and looking at exotic fish (or whatever alternative universe you discover when you are listening). It doesn't have many songs, 90% instrumental. Much more like Darkstar than Truckin to continue the comparison to the Grateful Dead. When we finish the next album it should have more songs, but still heavy on the instrumental explorations.

We feel satisfied when we are graced with musical explorations that are like a conciousness, a conciousness you enjoy being in and can share with us - be that joy, witfulness, exhiliration, poignance, appreciation- and qualities whose names evade description.

Thanks to Dolphin Dave for being a guest artist on Prelude, master street percussionist that he is. You are walking down a street on which Dolphin Dave is playing, and you are moving to his rhythm and he is moving to yours!

© 1987-2000 G. Olerich

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