Audio Formats:

You will need Real Audio player to hear the samples as streaming music (sort of internet radio- complete with inconsitant reception sometimes) -

Your browser may already have real audio player, but if it doesn’t you can click here to download it to your computer free (it should take a few minutes, you will find you can use it for audio at other web sites as well. Real Audio company will try to sell you premium versions - you don’t need a premium version, just keep looking for the free version and say no to the pay versions. Also when you use it and it says it’s not complete or current, just click continue anyway)

The Real Audio Low Quality( 28 k) format is the lowest audio quality (worse than an AM radio) - but it is the format that will most reliably stream the audio to your computer quickly, and with a minimum of interuptions/pauses. A fast way to tell if you are interested enough to take the time to hear the audio in a higher quality format.

The Real Audio Higher Quality (56 k) format sounds a little better, if you have a good internet connection, fast modem and computer it may work as reliably as the Low Fidelity format, but it will sound somewhat better. Recent versions of Real Audio Player should automatically switch to play which of these two formats you choose.


Almost CD quality, but before you can hear it you have to wait for the audio sample’s to download (5 to 30 minutes unless you have DSL, cable or other fast internet access). You also will need a MP3 playing utility- this will take a little while, but you will find yourself using it in the future, so download a MP3 player now by clicking here for an MP3 player download.

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